CFA Diesel A - Rules
CFA Diesel A Combat Rules 2023
By Gordon Price / CFA Comittee 30/1/23 – Version 1.1

The F2E comps on Saturdays before vintage will use the BMFA F2E rules as below with the following additions / Modifications (Rationale in brackets below). Revised to remove speed limit, allow R320 in Retro models and clarify engine/prop rules.

1. There is no speed limit, however engine prop combinations will be enforced as follows:
a) F2E/Schneurle port diesel engines must use F2E spec 190x150mm props with the exception of the FORA junior (Any commercially available prop) and the original STAR (8x4 unmodified prop)
b) Radial port 2.5cc engines can use any commercially available prop.
c) Vintage legal 19/3.2cc diesels must use a full 8x6 unmodified commercial prop. (Inherits the prop rules from other classes, aiming for performance equality and limits and allows radial 2.5s to go a bit faster)

2. Eligible models for ‘Retro combat can be used (5th and 7th Revolution, Titan, Pink Panther, Cloud 9, Jaguar and Vertigo), with 2.5cc engines as above and F2E rules, or 19’s on 8x6 propellers. (This allows existing retro models to be used as a few people them ready to go, and tries to keep speeds limited)

3. The competition will be run in a partial round robin basis with all pilots flying in each round, with a random draw, and the aim to complete 4 rounds. In the event of a large entry the competition will be ruin on a knockout / losers refly basis. (Allows all people to get the same number of flights – odd number of entrants needs even no of rounds)

4. Bout scoring, penalties etc is as original F2E rules.

5. A minimum pre entry of 10 is needed to ensure the competition goes ahead.(Allows for 2 no shows leaving 8 which is 1 more than the minimum of 7 – 2 pilots, 2 pitmen, 2 scorers, centre marshall)

6. Event scoring is 1 point for attending and 1 point per bout won. An overall league position is the sum of the 3 events scores. Tied positions in the league will be sorted by a fly off.

4.8.6 BMFA VARIATIONS ON F2E DIESEL COMBAT Characteristics (FAI 4.G.5)
(a) As the majority of models used in this class in the U.K. are purchased already built and these are supplied without the wire from the bellcrank to the motor, FAI rule 4.4.5.(f) will not be enforced for F2E until further notice.
(b) Any engine/model combination eligible for Vintage Combat may be used.
(c) In F2E, only when the Fora Junior is used any commercially available thermoplastic propeller may be used with no reworking of the prop, except for the removal of material from one side to balance. Classification (FAI 4.G.14)
(a) Competitors will normally compete with each other in a knockout competition chosen by random draw. The losers of each of the first round flights will be allowed to compete in a further losers re-fly round.
(b) The winners from this round will be drawn with winners from the first round to provide a second round of contests.
(c) The rounds will continue until eight competitors are left so that quarter, semi and final round provide an overall winner. Number of Model Aircraft Etc (FAI 4.G.7)
One model per match shall be allowed. Engine changes are not allowed. Line changes are allowed during the combat period. The changed lines will be pull tested by the Centre Marshal.

The pilot must wear protective headgear with the strap fastened throughout the bout.
‘Fly Away’
A “fly away” shall be defined as going outside a pre-determined area set by the organisers. At the Nationals this will be the “roped off area”. Clarifies rule
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