CFA Committee News - Dec 2022
Hello chaps

Another update on a couple of things:


Next year’s Vintage Contest Calendar has been confirmed. Here it is in full:

April 2nd                 Buckminster Vintage   (Saturday 1st for Pleasure/practice)

April 16th                 Bristol Gala  

May 14th                Old warden Oliver          

May 28th                Albermarle TBC

June 11th                 Buckminster Vintage  (Saturday 10th for Pleasure/practice)

July 2nd                 Basildon Vintage  ( Confirmed)

July 16th                Buckminster Vintage  (Saturday 15th for Pleasure/practice)

July 22nd and 23rd            Old warden Vintage ( Confirmed)

August 13th                 Buckminster Vintage  (Saturday 12th for Pleasure/practice)

August 26th 2th 28th             Nats Hopefully

September 17th            Old warden Oliver  ( Confirmed)

September  23rd             Buckminster Vintage ( this one is a Saturday )

October 8th                Buckminster Vintage (Saturday 8th for Pleasure/practice)

October 21st and 22nd         Buckminster Nats reserve

Thats it folks, sorry there is no Manchester comp, we’ll try for next year.  We won’t have confirmation for Albermarle till February because it’s operational.  


You can’t but help noticing that gear for our hobby has been getting harder to source. Especially new motorsDue to the situation in the Ukraine, home to two of main biggest producers of competitive motors,  the engine situation is particularly critical.   Additionally the situation is compounded by the fact that there are no spare parts available for the existing motor stock either. There have been a few people showing interest in starting combat recently and one of their first questions is usually, “where can I buy a couple of  motors?” Not  great for the future is it?. It won’t do Clarice, it won’t do.

The CFA recognised this and we’ve been arguing discussing possible solutions.

And thankfully we found one...

Tony Eifflander has agreed to produce a new CT ( Combat Tuned)  Twin Ballrace .19 Combat motor for us. It will be called the CT5, It is basically a continuation of the “Combat Tuned PAW’s” that have served us so well over the years. They have always been a nice handling, powerful motor, that have a similar weight to motors currently in use but more importantly, they will be freely available in the UK, the spares and repair backup service will be second to none and they are available to everyone.  

The price of these motors will be £160.00 plus Vat ( £193.00) plus postage. A very good price I think. They will come in a nice yellow box, complete with instructions. Ideal Xmas pressie.  

The first CT5’s will be delivered just after Xmas, I’ve ordered one and so have the rest of the CFA committee members. I’ll ask Richard Herbert to share his thoughts on his own example when he gets it.

Tony has also agreed to make a Combat Tuned 2.5cc motor for the Oliver Class, again, pretty much a continuation of the 2.5cc CT models of the past, again, nice handling, powerful motors, fully legal for Oliver combat, price is the same as the .19.  

Initially you will need to order the CT motors direct from PAW.

Tony’s email

Phone No         01625 423891

PAW Website  Progress Aero Works - Precision Engineering - Home of Eifflaender's PAW diesel engines


I think that we should realise, that we are very fortunate to have a UK based manufacturer who fully understands our branch of the sport, and who is willing to devote some of his production time to supporting it. I urge people to get behind it and show their support in return.


All the rule amendments voted for at the Nats have now been approved by the CLTC. The first centre circle rule amendment, you may remember, was rejected by the CLTC on health and safety grounds. Our  (CFA)  amended amendment (!) has now been approved. It will appear in the new rule book when its published.  


Control Line Technical Committee, Cooko has drawn the short been good enough to volunteer as the new  CFA/ CLTC Rep, so he will attend all CLTC meetings on our behalf. At the last one, on Saturday, Vernon stepped down as Chairman and Mervyn Jones has taken over as the new chairman. This bodes well I think, Merv was good enough to give us a day at Buckminster for this year’s calendar. It was previously booked for an F2B competition. Credit where it’s due.  

Chit Chat

So how are you all getting on with building for next year? Yes, I know it’s raining so the  glue takes ages to set and the dope blooms and yes I know  it’s cold and draughty in the shed, but if you don’t buckle down and build some new stuff, you’re going to be stuck with this year’s crappy old  fuel soaked repaired models next season. Get on with it.  

And Finally..

Now there was something really  important I was going to tell you.........

No, its gone again..

So From the CFA Committee

Have a very happy Christmas and a lucky new year.  


Tim Hobbins

CFA Comp Sec
2024 Calendar