Notes :-
1.  The Vintage reserve dates will come active as and when Vintage competition is abandomed. In the unlikely event that a reserve date isnot needed another competition will be run onn that day, most likely CFA Diesel or FORA Jnr.

2.  The F2D/ Comp' days will also be open to other classes practice and FORA Jnr in F2E models on 8x4 props will also be available for anyone to fly against.More on this later.

3.  BMFA insurance or other recognised insurance for competiton entry. Proof of insurance will be required.
Date Location Class
Sunday April 4th Buckminster All welcome Combat training
Sunday April 7th Buckminster Vintage R1
Sunday April 21st Basildon Vintage R2
Saturday April 27th Buckminster F2D Training/Comp
Sunday April 28th Buckminster Vintage R3
Sunday May 19th Old Warden Oliver - Jack Marsh Trophy
Sunday May 26th Bristol Vintage R4
Saturday June 8th Buckminister F2D Training/Comp
Sunday June 9th Buckminster Vintage R5
Saturday June 22nd Albermarle F2D Training/Comp
Sunday June 23rd Albermarle Vintage R6
Saturday July 7th Basildon Vintage R7
Saturday July 13th Buckminster F2D Training/Comp
Sunday July 14th Buckminster Vintage R8
Sunday July 28th Old Warden Oliver - John Oliver Trophy
Saturday August 3rd Buckminster CFA Diesel A / FORA Jnr
Sunday August 4th Buckminster Vintage Reserve Date 1
Saturday August 17th Albermarle F2D Training/Comp
Sunday August 18th Albermarle Vintage R9
Friday August 30th Buckminster British Nationals R10
Saturday August 31st Buckminster British Nationals R10
Sunday September 1st Buckminster British Nationals R10
Sunday September 15th Bristol Vintage R11
Saturday September 28th Buckminster F2D Team Trials
Sunday September 29th Buckminster Vintage Reserve Date 2
Saturday October 19th Buckminster F2D / Nats Reserve
Sunday October 20th Buckminster Vintage Reserve Date 3
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