Enthusiasm was High after Gordon price started a thread on the Barton Web site about a possible Dominator Combat model event. It seemed to get the bygone days of Combat stirring in many a combat flyer both old and new with memories of “The Good Old Days”

After many comments a date for battle was finally fixed and it was to be a winters day at the end of December at the BARTON COLD TURKEY in sunny Manchester!!!. The weather forecast was for cold, windy weather but even this did not deter the hardy Scottish contingent from travelling over the boarder to do battle with the English on their home turf.

As it was the weather Gods were in good humour allowing the day to start off brisk, calm and sunny. But as the day developed and the battle continued the wind gained in power but the trusty Dominators battled on.

It was nice to see a good entry of 12 flyers on that battle field all equipped with Dominators, old and new, nice and well not so nice!!! But all prepared to do battle. Before the contest started it was decided to take a picture of all the models and pilots as we did not know how many would survive the battle. As it was ALL SURVIVED to fight another day but some with a few battle scars. Amongst the competitors were some truly lovely examples by Richard Houghton, Willy Wallace and John Cuthbert built with the same care you have placed on a team racer or as nice as any model built by Richard Evans (Who’s absence was noted). Not only did these models look nice but they flew well. Especially Willy’s model, which would not have been put to shame by any current Vintage. Model.
It was decided that as the day was a FUN day we would draw several round to give each entrant the same number of flights as apposed to a knock out with points being awarded, 3 for a win, 2 for a draw and 0 for a loss this way maximum enjoyment could be had by all.

Battle was soon underway with Nick Bridges taking on our current F2D British team leader when after a full 4 mins of combat Andrew came out the winner. Unfortunately Nick lost several points with time on the ground. It was nice to see evenly matched models doing battle in the sky even as the wind started to build.
Lots of fun was had by all and we couldn’t wait to have more bouts and not a single mid air collision all day, neither did any pilot fail to get the models or motors in the air. In fact all the equipment worked well, how often could that be said. After 4 rounds of combat and 24 bouts two pilots shone above all others and these were the 2 marauding SCOTS. Andrew Shields and Gordon Price showing that whatever the event the cream always rises to the top (hopefully this is a good omen for the world champs as these are two of our British team members).

Both these pilots won all 4 of there bouts so it was the grand final. This is probably a good time to say that the model which Andrew was flying would normally had been consigned to the “SKIP” It was Old, Tatty, with a motor having about 10 degrees of offset and Gordon had given it to Andrew as SCRAP!!!. And so in the act of fairness Gordon flew his best, fastest, Nicest model!!!!. The bout started with both models in the air at the start of the bell both pilots going all out for the win but try as he might Gordon just couldn’t get the better of Andrew who flew steady and controlled and took the only cut, putting Gordon in the ground on a couple of occasions in the bout. Therefore Andrew Shields became the Winner of the event taking home to Scotland the Winners Medal.
Next to take to the Sky was Dave Wiseman and Willy Wallace both with quick models but Dave model could not match the manoeuvrability of Willy’s Dominators and even when Willy had a sick motor run Dave still couldn’t get that vital cut and after Willy dummied Dave into the ground the vital points were lost giving Willy the win.

Other notable bouts in the first round were Harry Walker and Tim Hobbins giving it all with Harry coming out the winner with 2 cuts and half an elevator off Tim’s model, Gordon and Simon with both pilots getting cuts but Gordon getting 1 more and up on ground time and Finally John Cuthbert with his Rothwell 250 power chasing Richard Houghton lovely Model but this time the Old experience of Richard coming out on top after taking a nice cut and putting John into the ground a couple of time.
I think it would be fair to say that despite the wind gaining pace and the cold starting to bite deep by the end of the day every one had a really good time and enjoyed every minute of it. But most of all it was good to see people like John Cuthbert, Chris Barker, Richard Houghton, Nick Bridges, Simon Timperley coming out of the wood work again to fly against other regular competitors. Long may it continue and I for one am looking forward to the next Barton DOMINATIOR COMP at the Barton Bash.

See you all there.

Dave Wiseman
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