Vintage Calendar 2019
Sat/Sun 9/10th March                     Buckminster (F2D/F2E/Vintage)
Sat/Sun 13/14th April                     Buckminster (F2D/F2E/Vintage)
Sunday 12th May                            Old Warden (Vintage)
Monday 27th May                           Darley Moor (Bank Holiday) (F2D/F2E/Vintage)
Sunday 23rd June                           Bristol (Vintage)
Sunday 30th June                          Darley Moor (Vintage)
Sunday 14th July                           Old Warden (Jack Marsh Oliver)
Sat/Sun 3/4th August                    Buckminster (F2D/F2E/Vintage)
24/25/26th August                        BMFA Nationals Barkston Heath (TBC) (All Classes)
Sat/Sun 7/8th September               Buckminster (F2D/F2E/Vintage)
Sunday 22nd September                 Old Warden (John Oliver Trophy)
Sat/Sun 5/6th Oct                          Buckminster (F2B on Sunday) (F2D/F2E/Vintage)

Notes :-
All dates are confirmed apart from the Nationals in August.
Saturdays at Buckminster are practise and competitions days for F2D & F2E. There should also be the opportunity for vintage practise as well.
There will be a charge of 8 per flyer (unless you are a season ticket holder, then no charge) for the day, payable to the BMFA.
Fees for CFA competitions remain at 15, this will include the 8 to go to the BMFA at Buckminster competitions.
The bank holiday Monday 27th May is planned to be a fun day at Darley, F2E/F2D/Vintage, open to anyone who wants to fly anything, maybe hold a mini comp. but not as part of the Vintage league.
F2D Calendar 2019 - NOT RELEASED
22nd/23rd April 2017                 Buckminster NFC Training Weekend 1
29th/30th April 2017                  Albemarle 1st centralised Round Robin
13th/14th May 2017                   Albemarle 2nd centralised
3rd/4th June 2017                     Albemarle (Reserve Date)
1st/2nd July 2017                      Buckminster NFC Training Weekend 2
26th/27th/28th August 2017       British Nationals, RAF Barkston
9th/10th September                   Buckminster NFC Training Weekend 3
14th/15th October 2017              Albemarle (Reserve Date)
2018 Vintage Combat League Results