Newsletter July 2009 - Number 22

This time we look at rounds from Bristol and Barkston.
Newsletter June 2009 - Number 21

This time we look at rounds from Old Warden and Barton Bash.
Newsletter March 2009 - Number 20

This time we look at Richard Evans's Adventures inverted in Oz.
Newsletter October 2009 - Number 23

This time we look at rounds from Scampton and Old Warden.
Newsletter March 2010 - Number 24

Rules changes and competition dates
Newsletter November 2010 - Number 25

T-Shirts, Bigger models, Reports from Soujth Bristol Gala, Scampton, Nationals, Old Warden and Waterbeach.
Newsletter March 2011 - Number 27

More news from our Chairman Richard Evans on larger scale classic combat designs.
Newsletter June 2011 - Number 28

Reports from Scampton, Old Warden and Barkston. New Oliver MK4 in development.
Newsletter August 2011 - Number 29

Reports from Barkston and Scampton. End of Rothwell production. CFA AGM proposals.
Newsletter August 2011 - Number 30

Reports from British Nationals, Enlarged XL Plans, Old Warden, Waterbeach and League Results
Newsletter July 2012 - Number 32

Scampton, Old Warden, Oliver, and Barkston results
Newsletter October 2012 - Number 33

Old Warden and Waterbeach results, including League results.
Newsletter July 2013 - Number 34

Wittering, Barkston, Bristol Wittering again and Old Warden.
Newsletter October 2013 - Number 35  Alex Reid's Summary Addendum 35

Old Warden and Darley Moor
Newsletter July 2014 - Number 36

Scampton and Old Warden.
Newsletter Aug 2014 - Number 37        Alex Reid's Oliver Combat Pictures

Bristol Gala, Scampton and Old Warden.
Newsletter November 2014 - Number 38

Nats rule changes, Old Warden, Darley Moor
Newsletter August 2015 - Number 39

Old Warden, Darley Moor, Old Warden, Scampton
Newsletter August 2015 - Number 40

Darley Moor Sept and Darley Moor Oct,
Newsletter July 2016 - Number 41

Scampton, Old Warden Darley Moor,
Newsletter October 2016 - Number 42

Darley Moor September and October
Newsletter July 2017 - Number 43

Old Warden, Buckminster, Old Warden (Oliver), Scampton
British Nationals Results