Designed in 1974 by Dave Wood

Not Vintage Combat eligible
Supermonger 1974

Designed by Richard Evans
Squig 1961

Design by J Bemoy

Still very popular although designed over 55 years ago!
Supertwister  1967

Super Twister by John Chamberlain
XL version built by Roger Fisher

Designed by Stoo Holland in 1970

Designed by Neil Blackburn 1969
Sequi 1969

Not Vintage Combat eligible
Shogun 1973

Dave Wiseman with his Shogun
Titan Mk1

“Titan Mk1" designed by the late John Shaw of the FACCT club (First All Country Combat team) John placed 2nd to Vernon Hunt in the ’69 Nationals with this model.”
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Designed by Moggs Morris
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